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Does your business need support?

Starting a business? Looking to grow? Need help with HR, finances or risk management? We’ve got oodles of info to support your business at every stage.

Are you looking at investing?

North Canterbury is a region ripe with opportunity. If you’re considering a new business venture in Waimakariri or Hurunui, we’ve got all the information you need.

Starting a Business

Starting a business is a big step. Explore our tips, resources, business services, training and support options to help you on your journey.

Growing Your Business

Growing businesses face challenges. Find our tips, resources and services aimed at helping you grow your business successfully with less stress.

Marketing and Sales

How do you get customers to know you exist? Once they do, how can you get them to spend with you? Explore our resources to find out.

Managing Risk

Running a business IS managing risk, from staff safety, to financial risk, to natural disasters and beyond. Find helpful risk management resources here.

HR: Managing Staff

If you want motivated, loyal staff who will help grow your business you need to do more than meet the minimum employment requirements. Take some inspiration...

Your Finances

No matter what your objectives and plans, in business, everything eventually comes down to money. Get help with our list of trusted sources.

Find a Job

Why commute when you could work close to home?

Training & Events

Learn, network, be inspired by our business training & events.

ENC Business Centre

An innovative 'go to' space for the North Canterbury business community.

Living in North Canterbury

There are over 8,000 businesses across a variety of sectors.

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