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To the north of the district, at the gateway to the Waipara Valley, are the communities of Woodend, Pegasus and Ravenswood. Each are a short walking distance from each other.

These three adjacent¬† towns provide a wealth of recreational activities, where you’ll find a lake, natural wetlands, a fast growing commercial district and a nearby beach.

This is the fastest growing community in Waimakariri with a population of 8,840 projected to grow to 16,900 by 2043. This community sits on State Highway 1 which brings 18,000 vehicles per day.

These communities are a great example of places where you can successfully mix business and lifestyle, where you can work where you play and enjoy the beautiful views and recreational opportunities.

Quick Facts about Woodend, Pegasus and Ravenswood


Woodend, Pegasus and Ravenswood are three growing communities within walking distance of each other. Nearby are the two villages of Tuahiwi and Waikuku and the beach communities of Woodend Beach and Waikuku Beach.


These communities are currently home to a combined total of 8,840 residents. The population has seen rapid growth (23% increase in 5 years) and will continue to do so.


Pegasus is expected to house a population of 6000 when complete, Ravenswood is expected to house 4000 and the remainder of the Woodend area is expected to grow to 6900. This makes a total projected population of 16,900* by 2043.


State Highway 1 runs through Woodend and between Ravenswood and Pegasus. It carries 18,000 vehicles per day. This is expected to grow to 28,000 vehicles per day by 2027.


Commercial, industrial and retail land and buildings are available for lease or for sale.


*Population projection taken from the Pegasus and Ravenswood developer projections and merged with data for Woodend from Stats NZ.

Ravenswood Commercial Area

Ravenswood sits on a high profile location just north of Woodend, 20km north of Christchurch and adjacent to SH1. There are already 18,000 vehicles per day going past the commercial precinct and there are expected to be 28,000 within the next 10 years. The four legged roundabout on State Highway 1, which is the entrance to Ravenswood, has already been built.

Ravenswood is a fully masterplanned community of 1,352 residential sections and 13ha of commercial land comprising a mix of commercial and light industrial lots. The commercial project is fully consented and construction of the town centre is now underway

There are options to buy or lease commercial land and is an opportunity that does not come often.

Ravenswood are a sponsor of ENC and we appreciate their generous support

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This page is a brief overview of the business demographics and data for Woodend and Pegasus (including Ravenswood).  Last updated in March 2023.