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Marketing is about knowing what your customer wants and needs, knowing how you can connect with them and knowing how you can be their first choice. It's not easy.

There are dozens of common marketing methods and many of them are expensive. Some will work for your business and some won’t. Marketing can be a bottomless money pit and measuring the results of your marketing efforts is important so that you know what is working and what isn’t.

But even once you’ve mastered your marketing strategy and have gained someone’s express interest in your product or service, there’s more work to be done. This is where you transition into the ‘sales’ phase. You need to let your prospective customer understand the value of what you offer and convince them to spend their money. This is likely to be a more personalised process – answering questions, sending estimates, offering deals and formalising contracts.

Once you have a spending customer, it is up to you to keep your connection live or risk losing them. The key is to engage your customer – make them a fan of your business. An engaged customer will come back, will talk to others about your business and will feed back to you. For most businesses it is easier to attract customers back than to attract new customers.

Done well, your marketing will attract more interest, your sales process will maximise the conversion rate of potential customers to actual customers, and the results of your marketing and sales costs will be obvious.

You always need to rescope your marketing strategy. Something might work for a while and then stop working, new marketing trends or products might come to the fore, or you might find that there is another customer group you want to attract who require a different approach.

With marketing, always be open to experimentation, but make sure you can track the results so you know if your investment is paying off.

We recommend reading this short guide to marketing, written by ENC’s growth advisor, Guy Graham: Guy’s Guide to Marketing

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Marketing Resources

Tourism Marketing

Visit Waimakariri and Visit Hurunui are the regional tourism organisations for our two districts. They have a wealth of services, contacts and experience for any tourism based business, or for any event organiser wanting to set up visitor or local events.

Visit Waimakariri

Marketing and Sales Training

Enterprise North Canterbury provides a wide range of marketing and sales training and also has connections with other training providers as well as one-on-one business coaches.

In addition, your business may also be eligible for subsidy vouchers through New Zealand Trade and Enterprise which may reduce the cost of training or coaching by up to 50%. Click the button below to find out more.

Funding for Training and Coaching
Brew Moon Brewing Co.

Other ENC Resources

Starting a Business

A repository of guides, templates and information on how to start a business successfully.

Systems and Processes

Tools, resources and links that will help the back office part of your business hum.

Funding and Investment

Where to find money to start, grow or re-invent your business.

Your Finances

Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business. Tools and strategies to help you manage your day to day finances.

HR: Managing Staff

Taking on staff? Know your obligations and how to look after your team.


A compilation of some of the data sources that the ENC team think are useful.

Growing Your Business

Learn how to successfully grow your business locally or through exporting.

Sustainability in Business

It might take some up-front investment, but reducing your impact on the world is likely to save you money in the longer term as well as make your brand more attractive.

Farm Diversification

Assistance, studies, resources and potential paths to market for those looking to grow crops.

Social Enterprise

Starting a social enterprise is a noble goal. But what exactly is a social enterprise and how do you go about setting one up?

Managing Decline

What do you do when things are not going as you wanted them to? This page provides information and resources to help with decisionmaking.

Exiting Your Business

Whether selling or walking away, there are a number of things you can do to maximise profit or minimize loss.

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