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Quick Facts about Kaiapoi’s Growth & Economy


Home in 2023 to an estimated 13,000 residents; town population expected to grow to 14,820 by 2048.


10 minutes’ drive from Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island, and 20 minutes’ drive from Christchurch International Airport.


Town centre could sustain additional 5,000m² retail floorspace by 2036 to meet growth and demand.


Most Kaiapoi employees work in manufacturing sector followed by the retail/wholesale sector and then construction; employees in the latter having risen dramatically in recent years.


Highest number of business units represent finance/professional services sector followed by construction.


Kaiapoi is a beautiful river town undergoing significant redevelopment following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. There are plenty of opportunities as the town embraces the river in terms of watersports, tourism opportunities and boutique shopping.


Kaiapoi has become a very attractive town to live in as it grows back better than it has ever been. It has a great community and is only ten minutes away from Christchurch.


It’s proximity to Christchurch while still being part of a rural community is very attractive to larger manufacturers who are able to purchase or lease good sized areas of land while still having access to a large labour market.

Proposed Major Development:

WHoW Aquasports Park





The WHoW Charitable Trust has proposed the establishment of a major tourism attraction and community facility in Kaiapoi. This will be established on 16 hectares of land that was previously housing near the town centre.

A recent pre-feasibility study shows that this project had good potential and would rely on domestic tourism from across New Zealand.

Aqualand New Zealand is, as well as being a business in it’s own right, part of the greater waterpark project with positive results showing in terms of income and audience attraction. The results from Aqualand NZ will form part of an investment prospectus for the full waterpark.

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This page is a brief overview of the business demographics and data for Kaiapoi. 

Last updated in March 2023.