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ENC’s vision is ‘to inspire, attract and retain individuals, businesses and social enterprises to invest in our region.’


Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC) is a council controlled organisation of the Waimakariri and Hurunui District Councils in North Canterbury. ENC works alongside businesses to develop an innovative and prosperous region. The organisation promotes economic growth by providing support in three key areas:

Theme One

Develop and maintain a strong regional brand identity:
  • To continue to unite North Canterbury food and beverage businesses under the MADE NC brand to build a strong regional brand identity for this industry.
  • Develop a unifying place brand that helps tell the story of North Cantabrians living, working and thriving in our region.



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Theme Two

Supporting existing and new businesses to grow and prosper:
  • To support local businesses to survive and thrive
  • To ensure that local businesses have the information and connections they need to make good decisions
  • Providing Start Up Advice
  • Develop and implement business attraction programmes encouraging more businesses to establish that will create more jobs and provide greater benefits to the local economy.
  • Deliver the Regional Business Programme.
  • Provide business networking and training.
  • Support sustainable business practices.

Theme Three

Grow visitor numbers and value to North Canterbury:
  • North Canterbury is an attractive domestic visitor destination, particularly as it sits on the doorstep of Christchurch. The area is also attractive to international visitors because it requires a simple ‘turn left’ decision and then a few minutes’ drive to access it from Christchurch International airport.
  • Deliver the Waimakariri Visitor Marketing Strategy – growing visitor market on the districts economy.
  • Grow visitor value by being an enabler and facilitator of catalyst projects. The role of ENC is to understand and promote the desirable features of setting up a visitor business in North Canterbury. More accommodation and activities will entice visitors to stay longer in the region.

ENC Strategic Plan

The Enterprise North Canterbury Strategic Plan provides direction and affirmation to ENC’s primary stakeholders that will guide and empower ENC’s future intentions.

There are three themes outlined in the plan, with seven projects therein.

Read the ENC Strategic Plan here.

ENC Business Centre

An innovative, ‘go to’ space for the North Canterbury business community.

Business Centre facilities include a spacious Conference Room with catering available, two Meeting Rooms, casual Drop-in Workspaces and the Kaiapoi isite Visitor Information Centre. The ENC team also works onsite.

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Our Programmes

ENC’s role is primarily to be an un-locker of economic opportunity. To do this, we are a facilitator, catalyst for change, information gatherer, analyst, leader, and a connector, trainer, supporter, and advisor for North Canterbury businesses. On top of that, we want people to know that North Canterbury is the place they should seek to live, work, play and visit.

ENC’s business is grouped under three themes/objectives:

  • Develop and maintain a strong regional brand identity.
  • Support existing and new businesses to prosper.
  • Grow visitor numbers and value to North Canterbury.

These themes are captured in ENC’s simple byline ‘Connect, Invest, Grow’.

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The ENC Team

Meet the members that make up ENC, Visit Waimakariri and MADE NORTH CANTERBURY.

ENC Team

The ENC Board

Meet the members that makes up the Enterprise North Canterbury board.

The ENC Board