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“To inspire, attract and retain individuals, businesses and social enterprises to invest in our region.”


Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC) was established by the Waimakariri and Hurunui District Councils in 2002 to promote economic development in North Canterbury. ENC works alongside businesses to develop an innovative and prosperous region. The organisation promotes economic growth by providing support in three key areas:

Support Existing Businesses to Grow & Prosper


  • ENC will support existing businesses by the provision of training, coaching, mentoring services and networking opportunities.
  • ENC will celebrate and recognise business leaders in the region.
  • ENC will assist Hurunui town development as and when invited.
  • ENC will maintain and manage the ENC Business Centre with the engagement of Corporate Sponsor MainPower, two silver sponsors and eight bronze sponsors and will generate bookings and catering for room hire.

Attract & Inspire Investment


  • ENC will strategically develop partnerships with key influencers to drive economic growth to focus on attracting a significant business to set up in North Canterbury.
  • ENC will work to attract and inspire business, Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu and Government to invest in our region

Promote the Waimakariri District

  • Promote the district to businesses looking to relocate, work with local developers and building owners seeking to attract commercial and retail businesses to stimulate the economic activity in the district.
  • Market the district so that visitors are attracted to visit and spend here by the special experiences and attractions offered.
  • Promote and support quality events which reinforce the strengths and brand of the district and are embraced by the community.
  • Provide isite services so visitors and residents receive timely, quality information and advice that encourage them to visit and meet their information needs.

ENC Strategic Plan

The Enterprise North Canterbury Strategic Plan for 2023-2033 was approved in November 2023.

The purpose of this ten-year Strategic Plan is to provide information to enable ENC’s primary stakeholders to guide and empower ENC’s future intentions.

There are three themes outlined in the plan, with seven projects therein.

Read the ENC Strategic Plan here.

The ENC Team

Meet the members that make up ENC, Visit Waimakariri and MADE NORTH CANTERBURY.

ENC Team

The ENC Board

Meet the members that makes up the Enterprise North Canterbury board.

The ENC Board
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