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Quick Facts about Rangiora’s Growth & Economy


Estimated 2023 town population of 21,400 growing to a projected 26,200 by 2048.


Seen as local service centre by 60% of district population; by 2031, could be providing goods and services for about 50,000 people.


Need for additional 20,000m² retail and 20,000m² office floorspace by 2031 to meet estimated demand from population growth.


Business numbers increased by 27% in last 10 years and number of employees by 35%.


Catchment stretches north to Kaikoura and Hurunui District, south to Christchurch and Selwyn District.


Most Rangiora employees work in retail/wholesale sector; highest number of business units represent finance/professional services sector


Rangiora is 26 minutes away from Christchurch International Airport

Rangiora is the main population centre of the Waimakariri.

It has a vibrant shopping centre, large light industrial and commercial areas and a very passionate community.

The population of Rangiora has grown rapidly over the last 10 years which has led to a growth in retail (including big-box), hospitality and boutique shopping. There are good opportunities in Rangiora for boutique retail, industrial, mid-scale commercial and professional services.

Given the nature of the widely dispersed population it is recommended that any new customer-focussed business is skilled at customer database management and social media marketing. A Rangiora location provides a customer-base that wants to support local endeavours and it is very possible to make a good profit based here.

Rangiora has a strong manufacturing and industrial sector based in the southern part of town. Plenty of land availability, a strong labour market and a proximity to New Zealand’s second largest city (20 minutes away) gives Rangiora plenty of advantages.

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This page is a brief overview of the business demographics and data for Rangiora. Last updated in May 2024.