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Risk insurance is tricky, so let Advice Kiwi take care of it. We make it easy to get practical, plain-English insurance advice that helps you protect your family and business.

Advice Kiwi was born out of the recognition that New Zealanders appreciate friendly and honest insurance advice from financial services professionals. Our Christchurch team exists to provide personalised advice about the best way to protect your financial lifestyle in the event that you are ill, injured, or pass away prematurely.

Our business services include:


Would your business fall flat if you couldn’t work? Business Continuity insurance provides a monthly benefit payment to protect you against business interruption. It keeps your business running when you, or a key employee are unable to work due to illness or injury.


When you have fantastic staff, keeping them is vital to the future of your business. A great way to ensure your staff feel valued, and support their overall wellbeing, is to provide added benefits such as Health Cover. Not only will it prevent your staff from jumping ship, but it will also enable them to seek medical advice sooner, and get back to work faster when they do get sick.


Life insurance cover also has business implications, as it provides a lump sum of funds in the event that you or a key employee passes away. The money can be used to reduce business debt or replace income that would have been generated by the key person.

It is very important when there a multiple shareholders involved, as this will allow you to buy out the shares of the business partner who has passed away or become terminally ill.


This cover is paid out in a lump sum if you are totally and permanently disabled, and unlikely to ever return to work again. There are two types, ‘Any Occupation’ and ‘Own Occupation’, and as with Income Protection cover, it is important to get some advice about which product is best for your circumstances.

At Advice Kiwi, we are committed to excellence. It is our mission to ensure our clients receive the best possible insurance advice, in a friendly, pressure free atmosphere. Contact us to arrange a time to chat.