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A team of local communication specialists with a passion to help businesses achieve their brand’s goals.

We are proud to say our full service creative agency has been serving local and national businesses for over 25 years. Taking care of all areas of visual communication is what we do best.

The team at Create Design Studio are ready to build a meaningful partnership with you and support your business growth, in the areas of branding, graphic design, web development, print, and display. Our partnership with you, will in turn empower you to achieve your brand goals, grow your business and continue doing what you love.

Just a little more about us…did you know we are really excited about creating positive social impact, we’re focused on improving the wellbeing of our children and young people in New Zealand. We fulfil this passion through our partnership with Upstream, this has resulted in over $33,000 of charitable contributions since 2018.

Because of this partnership, by choosing to work with Create Design Studio, your company will generate a charitable contribution at no extra cost to you. For more information on Upstream please visit www.upstream.co.nz