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We love what we do! We help you and your company scale and grow better through strategy-led marketing.

Solving complex marketing challenges through strategy-led marketing.

Muritai Group is a marketing and brand strategy company. Inspired by the word ‘Muritai’- Māori for sea breeze – we bring a fresh approach to marketing. It’s about challenging ineffective marketing with creative ideas and strategic thinking to give you:

  • Brand experiences your ideal clients will love
  • Customised marketing strategies that have the best chance of success
  • Cohesive action plans to inform and de-risk your critical marketing decisions
  • Purpose and direction in your everyday marketing

For those who need a bit more support, we offer a range of coaching and training services to help you build your capability and achieve success. We can help you learn how to market your business on social media, create your content strategy, drive your email marketing, automate your customer on-boarding process or prepare your business for ecommerce.

If you want your business to thrive through strategy-led marketing, get in touch with us today.