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Navigating successful business journeys.

We solve problems and help your business thrive.

Based in Rangiora, we help start-ups and businesses across Canterbury and the wider South Island establish a solid foundation, overcome challenges, and perform at their best.

Our services include Business Navigation and Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax support.

A business navigator provides you with an in-depth, personalised level of support and expertise

  • Our service goes well beyond coaching and mentoring as we play an active role in your business.
  • The level of service is completely tailored to the client’s needs and can change over time.
  • We can jump in at any time to provide services at different levels of a business/organisation – e.g. – HR/business strategy/problem solving etc…
  • We provide project management services on a case-by-case basis and/ long-term strategic business guidance.

Our tailored/personalised approach sets us apart from our competitors

  • We do not follow a templated/cookie cutter approach to business navigation but instead help guide clients throughout their business journey by catering to their individual needs at each stage of the journey.
  • Our strong business background and expertise appeals to clients who are results-focused/ action-focused.
  • We challenge the status quo and help our clients grow their businesses by providing personalised and realistic advice/feedback.
  • We have experience working in a wide range of different businesses and organisations both in New Zealand and overseas and can leverage this in-depth knowledge to help our clients deal with business challenges.
  • We have our clients’ best interests at heart.