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Empowering business owners to grow their businesses.

Success Factor specialises in working with new business set-ups including single-person enterprises, small and medium businesses and those who have an idea or concept and want help validating their business idea!

We are committed to providing an holistic programme delivered professionally in a  personalised environment, with tailored sessions using a flexible format to suit individual needs and business requirements, as ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.

Sessions cover the four key areas to help you, which include personal and professional support and operational and strategic assistance, working both IN and ON your business.

You can have a ‘Business Warrant of Fitness’ which ‘takes the temperature’ of your business, identifying pressure points and critical areas ensuring you and your team can attain real results and improved outcomes. We assist you in creating realistic strategies designed to grow your business, streamline policies and procedures, and improve processes, enabling you to work smarter not harder! Designing, simplifying and streamlining your operational activities helps reduce stress and increase productivity.

Sessions foster personal and professional growth, and are designed to be supportive and empowering, enabling you to do what you’re good at – running your business!

Success Factor offers understanding, knowledge and expertise in business development, business continuity, HR and staff-related or management issues, health and wellbeing, communication, managing change and time-management.

Dealing with staff, managing people and supporting your employees can be complex. Support can be provided to help with recruitment and selection, interviews and performance reviews, to ensure you not only engage the right people but get the best from your employees.

Success Factor works with you by showing you how to create both a personal plan and business plan. We can also work with you to create good quality habits, work practices and routines to support you both personally and professionally, helping you to better manage your business and team more effectively.

Success Factor – working together to make a difference