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The ‘MADE NORTH CANTERBURY’ local food and beverage programme is proving a success.

The unique provenance and identity association between products, services and everything that is good, sustainable, and attractive about North Canterbury is a domain that is still at a comparatively fledging stage. It’s aim is to raise the profile and sales for North Canterbury food and beverage businesses, foster collaboration under this unifying brand.


Strategic Aims:

  • To continue to unite North Canterbury food and beverage businesses under the MADE NC brand to build a strong regional brand identity for this industry.
  • To be the catalyst to discover and create new collaborative opportunities.
  • To execute events, marketing campaigns and activations to put our region and producers at the forefront of the minds of consumers and trade.


  • Opportunities to increase sales.
  • Opportunities for producers and service providers to collaborate and connect.
  • Opportunities to attend and be profiled at events and trade shows.
  • Growing the MADE NORTH CANTERBURY Website, Facebook, and Instagram communication platforms by adding additional content and further promoting details on a directory about businesses and products.
  • Running the MADE NORTH CANTERBURY North Course each year.

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