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Make Your Marketing Actually Work For You

Make Your Marketing Actually Work For You

Attraction Studio is BACK with more digital transformation workshops.


  • Sick of seeing impressions and clicks but your sales and leads aren’t flowing?
  • Tired of hearing the word ‘funnel’ and feel like you need someone to explain this in plain English?
  • Sick of searching for online funnel tutorials, but coming away feeling even more confused?
  • Are you sick of spending time & money on advertising, with no increase in revenue or business activity?
  • Are you spending time & money on advertising, but not sure what it’s doing?
  • Not sure how to improve your marketing ROI?
  • What’s ROI you ask? (Ooo, tough crowd, but we’ll sort that for you).



  • We’ll guide you through what marketing funnels are and give you practical, real-time advice on how to use them to improve your ROI.
  • We’ll help you set up audience mapping where you’ll get a deeper understanding of your potential customers and clients.
  • We’ll walk you through what a customer journey is, and provide you with the different marketing tools you’ll use at each stage.
  • We’ll help you set up a complete marketing funnel for your business, giving you the tools to attract new customers/clients, convert them, and turn those them into loyal brand advocates.
  • We’ll help you identify the quick wins (the leakiest parts of your current funnel) that you can prioritise resources towards and start generating more sales and leads (F* yeah).


Funding Availability

Funding of up to 50% of the cost of the course is available for businesses that meet the eligibility criteria. If you would like to explore if you can access this funding, please contact guy@enterprisenc.co.nz or add a note to the registration form below. This funding is provided through MBIE’s Regional Business Partnership Programme.


Who is this for:

Business owners of SME businesses who want better results from their marketing.


About Attraction Studio

Our purpose is to help you take your brand to a better place, and if we can help you do that, enjoy the process, and feel more empowered, then GREAT! That’s why we love working with ENC, and why we’ve put together this course. Attraction Studios presented the ’24 Hour Marketing Transformation’ courses at ENC in 2022/2023 to 128 participants who gave us a 100% satisfaction rating.



Feedback from Previous Courses

The training provided by ENC and Attraction Studio gave me a deeper understanding of the marketing process. We were provide with useful tools and tips to help on our marketing journey. The presenters were very professional and helpful. – Myra McLelland, Lavendyl Lavender

The course was so informative and positioned perfectly for anyone new to digital marketing and wanting to learn the basics, to someone who has prior knowledge. Attraction Studio presenters Beccy and Ally were superb. Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and very passionate about what they do and how they can help others. Everything you’d want to learn was covered off and in a very thorough manner. It’s such a valuable course! – Michele Fantham, Radius Building Ltd

A great marketing experience, recommended for anyone wanting to go a few steps further in reaching their audience, it can make all the difference – Raul Elias-Drago, Oxford Area School Observatory

The workshops were packed with helpful information and the facilitators were generous in their customising examples to our businesses and helping us by answering our individual questions. Highly Recommended. – Marina Shearer, Profile Coaching

Highly recommend this course to anyone with gaps to fill in their marketing knowledge. I appreciate the dedicated space and facilitation to work on this with other local business owners. – Ashleigh Kooyman, Glow Creative

I thoroughly recommend both ENC and Attraction Studio in the ways they are both able to benefit those in business with regards to marketing strategies, why/how/what/when to implement campaigns and places to also add value in ways for content creation. – Karen Bailey, KB Design

I have just completed the 24 hour marketing course run by ENC, Attraction studio and digital boost. It was a very in depth and thorough course, well presented with ongoing support throughout the 12 weeks as required. The ladies from Attraction studio were very knowledgeable with what they presented and provided a fantastic level of support throughout. Thank you team, highly recommend it to other business owners. – Jo Hartley, Energised Ladies Health and Fitness

Excellent training! Efficient use of time and resources. Very high value course that made me competent executing my business goals. – Anne Frankland, Tussock Peak Motor Lodge

Really worthwhile training that was easy to understand and implement. The perfect mix between talking Marketing gibberish to me and dumbing it down too much! – Ayesha Harnett, Cohesive Group

I really enjoyed the Digital marketing training provided by Attraction Studio and ENC. I am feeling more confident in being able to strategize my social media marketing and how to measure the results more effectively. – Deb Riach, Coffee Worx



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