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Workplace Culture: creating a blueprint for an engaged team

Workplace Culture: creating a blueprint for an engaged team

No matter what stage you feel your workplace culture is at – this course is for you!


Over the course of two days, you will create a customised workplace culture blueprint specifically designed for your business, empowering you and your team to take action on your culture and make your workplace a pleasant and productive environment.


Course Content

Module 1 – Hiring and Recruitment – Tuesday August 20th, morning

Finding the right candidate for the role at the right time can be tricky. In this workshop we will delve into role design, recruitment strategies and how to onboard your new employee in an effective way. Topics covered are:

  • Job Design
  • Recruitment,
  • Onboarding,
  • Retention,
  • Flexible Work Arrangements,
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion


Module 2 – Developing a Thriving Workplace Culture – Tuesday August 20th, afternoon

Fostering a positive workplace culture is essential for a successful business. As Robbie Deans said ‘Culture is what happens when you are not there’. In this workshop we will focus on ways to assess and nurture your culture and the development of values and behaviours. Topics covered are:

  • Workplace Culture
  • Organisational Values and Behaviours
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Managing Performance


Module 3 – Employee Engagement and Retention – Tuesday August 27th, morning

What are the best ways to engage staff and recognise the work that they do? In this workshop we will delve into different ways you can engage your staff at an individual and team level. Topics covered are:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Experience
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Employee Benefits


Module 4 – Communication/Change Management/Continuous Improvement – Tuesday August 27th, afternoon

The 3 C’s of workplace culture, communication, change management and continuous improvement. In this final workshop of the series we will delve into ways to effectively communicate your culture, how to handle change with your teams and the importance of continuous improvement. Topics covered are:

  • Change Management
  • Internal Communications Strategy
  • People Strategy


What is Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is all about the shared values, beliefs and practices that shape the environment of your business. It includes how employees interact with each other, how they approach their work and your customers, and the overall ‘vibe’ of your business. Workplace Culture is reflected in your company’s purpose, policies, daily operations and every day decision making.

Culture directly influences employee engagement and retention, leading to a more stable and committed workforce. A positive and thriving culture fosters collaboration and innovation which results in great customer and commercial success.



We will keep you well fed and refreshed with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea supplied by Red Eight Cafe. For drinks you can help yourself to a selection of teas, coffee and filtered water throughout the day.


Who should attend?

  • Business Owners wanting (or needing) to dedicate time on their people
  • Managers or Leaders looking to develop their teams culture


The Presenter

Hayley Smith – Culture Collab

Hayley founded Culture Collab to share her wealth of knowledge in organisational culture, human resources and learning and development to support the business community.

Hayley is a Hurunui local, based in Leithfield, and is passionate about how businesses of any size and industry and develop a thriving business culture that positively impacts all their people (including the owners!)

Hayley has previously worked in numerous industries in the people and culture space including telecommunications, hospitality & tourism, manufacturing, and technology.




I recently completed a Riders and Elephants Map You ​Emotional Culture Workshop with Hayley from Culture ​Collab and it was so much fun! Understanding the link between how we want our ​organisation to feel and the actions we could take to ​develop culture was extremely powerful. Hayley guided us through conversations to find our ​similarities, kept us moving and asked sharp questions ​to understand our answers and how we could agree on ​the absolute priorities. Probably the coolest thing is watching how our choices ​connected to rituals and behaviours we wanted to ​start and stop to make the change concrete.

Tessa, Operations Lead


Hayley’s HR skills and experience were invaluable to us ​as we navigated through our business change; She ​quickly grasped where we were at and was able to ​support us all the way through, taking the time to take ​us through the options and scenarios. Her advice was ​clear and concise and always authentic. I would highly recommend her to any business needing ​HR support and guidance.

Rebecca, Business Manufacturing Owner


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